To become visible online and get contact from people of the opposite sex, to make friends, have fun, meet or find your soul mate are two main possibilities:

1) the personal ad placed in a separate portal;

2) Joining a dating site or online dating agency.

In the first case the other people choose for themselves who to contact by reading the various ads (which are often complete with photo).

In the second case, the service gives you access to much more detailed profiles and selected on the basis of sophisticated comparison and effective testing of affinity. The site in fact facilitates research by proposing the candidates best suited to your personality and expectations.

The advantage of the staff might seem that the autonomy of choice given to the other person; however it is not comparable to the amount of services provided by online dating sites which provide for more greater privacy and security, as well as a range of versatile options and useful for research, selection and methods of contact with other people stated, all at a cost certainly reasonable considering the professionalism and effectiveness of the service provided.

The most obvious disadvantage with regard to the personal ads is in the privacy: while the profiles recorded online sites are reserved and monitored to ensure the veracity (as possible), those published on ad sites are available to all sometimes creating some embarrassment.

Also the amount of information and the quality of the photographs loadable on the dating site (or Dating online) are far preferable, also taking into account that the cost of itself constitutes a deterrent to wasters and in each case the dating sites online are controlled and moderated by services that allow you to avoid as much as possible the inclusion of profiles and photographs false.

Through online dating sites the opportunity to meet the people who are looking for or even a soul mate are multiplied by the use of precise instruments such as the personality and psychological tests to measure the affinity pair. These methods are created on a scientific basis, often by psychologists in the field. All this accompanied by articles, tips and numerous ancillary services.

That said, what conclusions can we draw?

Certainly the classifieds site may seem more direct, easy and accessible, especially for those who want to “entertain”. There are no guarantees, there is no security, there is no privacy and no communication management.

The online dating sites give a real opportunity to find and meet people compatible with you and the right person for a relationship stable. They are complete with selection tools, monitoring, communication via chat and video chat, private messaging, a number of options to ensure privacy and ultimately constitutes an effective system to know many people through the most reliable channels.


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