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In online dating sites the race to grab the most attention possible is fierce. So much so that some people series and short-sighted that sooner or later are unmasked except by people themselves by the moderators of the sites opting to distort their data, their tastes and upload photos false, altered or twenty years ago!

Writing an effective profile

It important to be honest and sincere to fill out a profile, not only as a matter of ethics but if only in turn do not risk getting to know people in turn disguise or attract those who would be interested only in what you you are not.

So, what are the things to do to write a profile truthfully and effectively?

Here are some tips apply immediately to create or edit your profile.

1) Do not be negative

Did you happen to go out for the first time with a person and hear her complain constantly of his friends, his family, work etc …? This type of negativity and really depressing. Similarly if it is included in your profile that kind of comment. Being positive is like a magnet that attracts people and situations as positive, while being overly critical and negative is like wearing a gray hood.

For example, here is how a person could make his debut in his profile:

“To be honest I postponed the decision to sign up for as long as possible. Some of my friends who use this site have had experiences very disappointing … “

The natural reaction will be: “So what are you doing?”

Now make the comparison with another example:

“I’ve heard that the online dating sites are a great way to meet new friends, that’s why I’m here and I would really like to meet you …”

Which of the two profiles will be the most attractive? What starts immediately with the idea of knowing losers, as he has been told by friends, or what part with the confidence to meet new and interesting people like you?

Everyone wants to be successful and receive positive energy. Be positive.

2) Switch from being one of many being unique and original

Read the following profile and tell me if you do not recognize …

“I am a fun person who loves cinema and music. I like walks on the beach, nice conversation and romantic dinners. I would like to meet someone who is funny and make me laugh. “

Unfortunately this is the typical profile stereotyped and that in fact does not say anything.

Make sure that your profile gives a unique picture of you and who is not usually predictable approach: be original, if not in the “what” you say (do not have to invent things that you do not and you do not like really), at least the “how” you say. Instead of saying you love cinema generically immediately write that “my favorite movie is … because …” and maybe used to refer to an actor or a character that you like or that you think you look like: “You know sometimes I feel like in … the movie … “.

Use search words and are able to describe things and good feelings. Instead of saying that in the summer you enjoy going to the beach or walk in the mountains, you say that “during the days of my sparkling sense of adventure would lead me to cross the ocean sailing, or to discover new paths and unspoiled landscapes in … “.

Instead of saying “I like to discover new things,” you say, “… I have a strong spirit of adventure and a bit ‘like Indiana Jones I like to investigate the mysterious side of life and discover new things …”.

Strive to create a profile unusual and challenging: be descriptive, original and fun!

3) Be selective

Your profile should go to get answers.

Must serve to receive contact proposals from the people who you like and what you would be attracted. So try to emphasize those aspects of you that can help you narrow down and focus on the kind of people you are looking for. Instead of saying “I’m looking for kind and fun with humor,” you say, “I’m looking for a bright person between 24 and 29 years old who like the humorous side of life. If you are blonde and reggeresti a nice conversation to 150 Km by car then we are made for each other. Email me! “.

In the example you have already put three or four filters: age, hair color, which is a nice person and talkative, and even she likes to travel by car! And you did it spontaneously and thin. You also have also shown the way in which you would like the person comes into contact with you by sending you an email.

4) Be dynamic

That changed often your profile, slogans and keep up to date with your photos. Increase people’s interest. Be creative.

Follow these tips and you will see that people will certainly be attracted to your personality. Do not forget also note the profiles of others, the ones that you like the most, and draw useful ideas for your.


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